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Rules and Regulations

DRIVEN Gaming's ( Terms of Service - AND - Privacy Policy )

DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! ThePornstarWars is not responsible.
Including Pictures, Videos and Login Details.

    If you break a rule and are sent to the game’s Federal Jail, your account and all of its assets including Donor Items are subject to removal. Everything is at Admin and Owner’s discretion.

    These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check them from time to time as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

    If a member of staff is bothering you for any unfair or just a plain, weird reason, mail ID 1.
    The Pornstar King [1]
    always has final say.

    This is a war game... You will be attacked at some point, so be aware of this.
    (New Player Protection: Can NOT be mugged Under level 10 OR 30 Days Old)
    This is not just a social network, shit happens...

  1. All players must be above 18 years of age as this game contains: blood, violence, sexual themes and nudity, crude humor, simulated gambling, the use of strong language, drugs, and alcohol.

  2. Players are allowed to have more then one account. Owning two or more accounts can result in all accounts being sent to the game’s Federal Jail if you are found cheating or breaking rules. Making another account to contact someone who has you Blocked is not allowed. If you are on the same IP as another player, mail a staff member and let them know. Failure to alert active staff can result in Fed time. You can not go around game ip blockers using proxy or other players. This will result in the player helping you to also be fedded.

  3. The use of bots, macros or auto-refreshers is strictly forbidden. If you do not have the time to sit and play, then do not cheat and waste the servers bandwidth.

  4. You are responsible for whatever happens on your account, so do not give your password to anyone.
  5. member
  6. PSW Staff are not responsible for your items and who you send them to. Condoms can be mugged so be careful not to leave any items on the markets.

  7. Profile images that are illegal or have links in them will be removed. This may also result in time in the game’s Federal Jail, and if need be, the authorities will be involved.

  8. Do not spam the staff' mailboxes or comments. If you have a problem, message ONE of us ONCE. Your problem will be dealt with in a timely manner, therefore do not mail repeatedly, or mail multiple staff members.

  9. If a Player Blocks or is Blocked by someone. It is against the Rules to Contact this person. This includes asking other Players to contact them. Blocking does not prevent Attacking/Slave features just adding comments. If someone breaks this rule do not contact them back just notify The Pornstar King [1]!

  10. Scamming will not be tolerated in any manner. Any attempt to scam anyone will result in being dragged below for a long, long time.

  11. If you find a game bug, report it to staff immediately. Failure to do so can result with your account being stripped of everything at owners discretion. When you are caught taking advantage of a bug, it will result in your account being sent to game’s Federal Jail till its resolved.

  12. We understand this is not the only game you may be playing, but King has issued a decree that no other mmorpg games are to be advertised here. The staff are kind enough to offer one (1) warning for those that accidentally infringe on this rule (This includes names, links, images, or references in: Mail, Comments, Forums, The Newspaper, or Shout), after which Federal Jail sentences will be applicable.
    The only exceptions to this rule are:
      * Console Games (i.e. XBOX, Playstation, Wii, etc.)
      * 3D Strategy Games (i.e. Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Game of War, etc.)

  13. If a staff member is doing his or her job you are not to interfere or attack them for doing so. Doing this is both staff disrespect and staff harassment.
    This includes the following:
      - If I Mail / Comment / Talk in shout saying do not do something as in involving a RULE that is a staff comment.
      - If I Mail Ban / Forum Ban / Fed Jail that is a staff action.
      - If I am talking to another player about a game enforcement, do not step in.
    Anything else is player on player!!!

  14. We are all adults here therefore you know when you are harassing someone. If you take the harassment and extend it from the game into real life, you can face real life charges from local authorities. Keep the game play in the game. Staff are not babysitters and the owner does not expect them to be. Hash it out yourself, or do not play the game. Simple.

    NOTE: If you spend all day in the Hospital because you choose to not heal out, that is your issue. The game has Bodyguards who can prevent you from being attacked.

  15. If you decide to quit or feel the need to give away all your assets, you and the person receiving your assets can be sent to the game’s Federal Jail. You may want to quit today but not tomorrow. The best thing you can do is just hit log out and sleep on it. If someone sends you items because they are "Quitting", send it back and report it to a staff member. Those who do this can possibly land you with an IP BAN as well.
      - What players do not understand about this rule is that it is to prevent certain forms of cheating.
      - Just because these items are yours and you earned them in game, they still belong to the game.
      - Giving too much of an item with no return is considered possible scamming or possible cash machining.

  16. Common sense rules are not posted here. If you cannot determine the difference between what is okay and what is not, you should consider not interacting with other people until you do understand.

If you feel the need to hurt yourself or express hurting yourself. You need to seek medical help as soon as possible. Porn Star Wars and its staff will not be held liable for players who do not get the needed help. If its someone you want to talk to we are all ears but don't come with guilt processes to other players or staff. If it comes to it and based on Staff or Admins discretion, you may be removed from game or game features.
- Players should not give advise to these players, that is for trained professionals only.

All game matters are to be dealt with on Porn Star Wars only. If you have an issue with another player or a group of players do not go to other games to deal with it. If someone comes from another game and starts drama here, alert staff. Also if something becomes a legal matter it is to be dealt with at the game owner’s discretion. All legal disputes are agreed that they will be settled by arbitration in the state of North Carolina, United States of America.

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