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May 21, 2018
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New Porn Star Gear, MapView and Boosts
Written By: The Warstar Bunny on 07/08/17
As you can see the new stuff is coming in...
Lets stop and talk about a few of the new things.

This is broken up into 12 Districts.
Total of 231 Sections.

Each Section has about 400 spots.
This spot has a X and Y coordinate.
Clicking MapView link beside buildings shows you the section you are in.

Once the Attack System is fully Tested. Everyone will be given a Shield.
Shields are a Purple ring around your headquarters.
You ca...

Profile Hiding
Written By: The Warstar Bunny on 04/26/18
I have said it before and I am done saying it.

If You hide any Links and Game Details(Levels, Force, stats etc..) OR Change pics or stuff to appear you are something you arent (Master Title, player type, other stats etc...)

I dont mind players having creative profiles.
Put I have my limits and Im done having to fix them cause players dont know how to follow this Rule.

Starting NOW
Fed Sentences will be issued Starting at 1-3 Days and go up from there. If y
ou keep repeating the Offense....

Sorry to have to say this.
Written By: The Warstar Bunny on 04/01/18
I think it is time for me to finally close the site.

With all the stress and stuff happening lately. I just cant do it no more.
I am truely sorry but I just dont think I can make it another DAY.

I have loved having yall here over the years and have gotten close to some. But life just isnt in my favor.

Hope You have a nice DAY and Easter....

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Player Ads
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