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November 13, 2018
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Clear Things Up
Written By: The Pornstar King on 10/18/18
I have picked the Mentors for the program and will be finishing up the Coding for it soon.

New War System I will be working again soon to finish up stuff on it.

Some people on PSW know ive been busy working on my music lately.

Some of the recent sales have been more to promote the music then actual Sales.

I noticed I need to update the Gold Coin Packs. They are a little outdated...

The War stuff got put on hold so i could do music but also ...

No Subject
Written By: The Pornstar King on 10/27/18
Okay omay okay....

no one wants 4 hour wars.
2 hour war.... but its like herpes....
dont start for 1 hour..

During this time. Studio herpes wont work.

During the 2 hour war no regular herpes allowed.

There will be a notifaction sent out when the war is declared to both studio members.

Got Goin Coins? Want Condoms? Well starting today at 5pm. You will be able to buy condoms with Gold Coins.

No Subject
Written By: The Pornstar King on 10/25/18
Okay so this week I will be announcing another thing I have been working on and thinking about. Well Several things....

Okay so everyone has started to use the Market Hutt and Firebricks.
A few questions I have received and people were unsure one.
- Firebricks are a Supply and can be found in the Workshop on the buildings Page.
- To Sale in the Market Hutt, Your Hutt must be Level 17.
- Items sold in the District Markets will include Supplies, Gold Coin Store Items and alot of stuff that cant be sold on the regular markets.

So the New Ideas.... One involves Studio Wars and one on Donations.

So everyone sees the Buy X and GET XX Free ... Well I am gonna let the players control the Sales from now on....

I will do a Wednesday Sale, Friday Sale, Weekend Sale
per Week... They will be based percentages more so now...
So the Percentage Off will be based on how much you as a Player Spend....

So how this work...

Player Ads
Player Ads
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