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April 19, 2019
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Price Check!
Written By: The Pornstar Bunny on 02/12/19
Okay it was brought to my attention that the pricing was off... so I have lowered the Condom Value of Celebrity WorkOut Plan to 150 Condoms. Anyone who bought has been given extra to make up the difference...

Music Game Night
Written By: The Pornstar Bunny on 04/15/19
Starting this Thursday.
I am gonna be doing Music Game Night again....

I will be in Chat at around 7:30 PM Game Time.
The Game will start at 8PM

In the Past I game prizes per correct Answer.

The only difference is I will be awarding Prizes at the End.
I will have a Page that keeps Scores and I will Clear it before the Game Begins. This page will be Viewable all week.

WorkOut Plan Changes
Written By: The Pornstar Bunny on 03/14/19
I heard that a few players do not feel the Celebrity Workout Plan is worth it.

Which for some players its a way to save time but pricey.

Others would rather spend 15k vs 20k in Condoms and do 3 PTs.

So i thought up a middle ground.

The Multiplier is now a Random 3 or 4 times.
What this means is that some trains will be 4 and some 3... its the luck of the draw but is a 50/50 Chance....

Player Ads
Player Ads
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