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June 27, 2017
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The King and Queen invite you to
Written By: residing in hell on 02/10/16
If you have been naughty you know this is for you


Buildings and New Courses
Written By: The Warstar Bunny on 04/06/17
More Courses will be added but the Fundamentals is for everyone to start off.

To start the new stuff you need to go to your inventory and use the Building Development Item.
If you do not have it you can buy it from the Coin Store.

You only need one so trying to use more is a waste. It is blocked and would only reset you if did.

Next are buildings. You can level them up. The current Max Level for a building is 20.

Next are Porn Stars. Max Level is 50, as yo
u complete courses and raise building levels you gain Star XP.

Your Stats were duplicated and turned into Resources for the new stuff. This means you didnt lose them and can still gain them to battle bots. but the resources will lower as used. Your stats wont.

Your Old Level is now your Resource Level.

With the new buildings you gain features:
Headquarters - Main Building, needs upgraded to upgrade all buildings. Meaning HQ Level 15, any building can be up to level...

Best Producer
Written By: philqc on 06/23/16
A commendation on one of the best video studio producers. Goddess of Red light Studios. She's so productive and I tend to relax when ever I go through her movies. I tend to visualise the words as If I'm actually seeing a movie. I guess am not the only one because if you rent a movie produced by the Goddess, Red light district, you would tend to rent another and at times re-rent the same movie because it's always catching. Kudos to you Goddess and your team. I look forward to more movies from you.
Reported by PhilQc......

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