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March 25, 2017
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Server Crash
Written By: The Pornstar King on 12/02/13
I would like to say I am sorry for the long down time. The server crashed over the weekend and it being US holidays made a few issues. I wanted to say no data was lost....

The King and Queen invite you to
Written By: residing in hell on 02/10/16
If you have been naughty you know this is for you


Game Downtime
Written By: The Pornstar King on 04/11/14
Wensday their was a issue with the hosting company. They made a few memory and server updates which caused the issues. We had no way of preventing the issue. Somehow they lost record of me paying the december invoice and said I owed them. They suspended the server before checking that I had actually paid. I sent them copies of the receipts. We are sorry it took so long to restore service. Emailing them back and forth they were slow replying.

Once the server was back online errors on the database began to pop up. Somewhere in the early morning it finally just crashed due to the small errors. No data or information was lost it just needed restarted. I went through and repaired the issues. After I repaired everything, I went ahead and restarted the server. This was caused by them turning it off(internet wise) and not restarting the server when they put it back online.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience. We are sorry it took so long to resolve e...

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