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July 19, 2018
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More Studio Attacks
Written By: The Warstar Bear on 06/18/18
Okay so that was the first week of testing.

I didnt get all the data i needed but i got alot.
I was able to fix the formula. it had a small bug in it. As well as the reports not showing up.

I have updated the reports to show more details on the attack...
there are a few things that i didnt originally plan for... but i like the results

Since the troop lost didnt get fully ironed out. And I am going on Vacation on Friday.
I am gonna be adding the links to at...

Colonial to Experimental Test
Written By: The Warstar Bear on 07/07/18
Okay so i wanted to do a Colonial Supply... But then i got to thinking.... Purge would be somewhat Cooler.

I will be adding Gear to use these Supplies here soon. I have been more focused on getting the Features and Functions working. I will be catching up on Content and Images Soon.

Independence Drop
Written By: The Warstar Bear on 07/03/18
Okay so the newest Kings Gear is OUT.
King`s Box v3 opens up to
King`s Robe Level 6

Troop Attack: 15%
Troop Health: 40%
Troop Attack Debuff: 45%

The next and Last Piece is Kings Sandals.
There will be some Pieces that are Added to this Set that you can Fabricate.

So we have Studio Attacks Down somewhat. So I will be releasing the Solo Attacks for Testing.
Troops are still not at Risk.

I want to work out all the issues like the troops formula not killing the troops it should and the numbers not right.

Other features will be rolling in like the ability to lose your porn star to another player.
I will have a low hold time to keep it fun and no one can sacrifice a Porn Star till troops can be killed.

I also will be making the Spotters Tower functions usable.

This are the things you should expect this week.
(Except the Kings Sandals, this will be a later date)[/img]...

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