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January 22, 2019
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Written By: The Pornstar King on 12/12/18
If you have mailed me since Saturday.
About the Studio Points... I have not read them.
i wanted a few days to think about it.

I have come to the Decision. I am setting a Min and a Max for Courses and Buildings. No matter how big the force amount is. The max will be 1000 , same as a Attack. Troops made Points wont change as it is now.

Now this is just for the Weekly Studio Contest.
I will be adding a Daily and Hourly Contest for Similar prizes.

This cha...

Market Hutt Changes and Personal Chats.
Written By: The Pornstar King on 01/18/19
okay i know there was a delay on the Market Hutt

I was finishing up.
So how it will work now is you can have 1 Market Hutt per District.

You can add quantity of a item but increasing the quantity might require removing then re-adding.

I am also in the process of creating Personal Chat Themed Rooms. Price would vary on the Maximum Occupants.

I would love to hear different Themes People would love to See.

Studio Weekly Co

The Points for Attacking in a Studio War have changed this week.
Was 1000 or 2000

After a few weeks of Data I decided that the amount will be Random Number Generated. The Average should be around 5000 . I will keep watching the Data and make changes to keep everything competitive and fair....

No Subject
Written By: The Pornstar King on 12/14/18
Im sure some of yall noticed the new box on your Home page.

Hourly Conteats are random between different kinds of contests...
I have made 4 to start us out.
The 4 different ones are Course Force, Building Force, Troops made, and Total Force gained.

Every hour a new one will start and the old one cleared.

Daily is the same how ever its 24 hours...
its courses force plus troops made plus buildings force

Then Studio Weekly one is how it has been.

Now how it works. Starting at tonights reset. You earn Points and they show up on your home page. there will be top 5 players in hourly
and top 10 in daily.

this system will evolve and more added later this is to just see how people like it.

Not every hourly contest everyone will be able to do. it is a mix so that new and old players can do some of them....

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Player Ads
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