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June 19, 2018
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Major Bug
Written By: The Warstar Bear on 06/11/18
Okay I went to release the New Studio Attack and I did a test and the results were catastrophic.

So I spent all day Saturday and Sunday working out the bugs.

I have them worked out on my simulator that i made.

With that said i have mailed some of the Top players and Studio Presidents.
I made a suggestion to have a Fun Week.

How it works is Studio Attacks will not remove troops. So if the Report says you lose 100 Troops. They will still be there.


More Studio Attacks
Written By: The Warstar Bear on 06/18/18
Okay so that was the first week of testing.

I didnt get all the data i needed but i got alot.
I was able to fix the formula. it had a small bug in it. As well as the reports not showing up.

I have updated the reports to show more details on the attack...
there are a few things that i didnt originally plan for... but i like the results

Since the troop lost didnt get fully ironed out. And I am going on Vacation on Friday.
I am gonna be adding the links to at
tack Headquarters also with studio Attacks. And hopefully Solo Attacks.

All attacks will still be No Troops Lost.
Reports might say you are losing troops.
But you are not.

I want to watch more attacks and make sure everything is fully working.

Just cause i am on vacation I will still be on game and my notification are on.
I might not be online as much but i will be able to fix bugs and answer questions.

I can release the new stuff fully but i want...

Studio Attack Tips
Written By: The Warstar Bear on 06/13/18
Okay so with Level 21 Headquarters
Using a 50% Advancement Size Increase (Gave out 5 last night)

Max Advancement Size is 375,000 Troops
That makes Max Studio Attack with Level 21 Command Center
2,375,000 Troops

So that means the Master Tower has the same Max Limit.

The server setting has error logs turned off the first day so we lost alot of testing time.
But once the logs got turned on I noticed the detailed reports weren`t working.

So I will be fixing the reports today.
I have a basic report for now.

Knowing what I just said.

Before sending a Studio Attack. Try to contact as many members as possible and work out a time to send a attack.
Have members move on the map near you before sending
Before setting up a attack move yourself near the Master Tower.

Select a Studio Attack Time that you feel is enough time for your members to fill.
Once the time runs out no one else can joi...

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