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October 15, 2018
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Forum Rules and New Attacking
Written By: The Pornstar King on 07/23/18
I know the new stuff is new to alot of players. This is one reason that I made it so you cant lose troops during the testing period.

The problem I have ran into is only a few people were doing the New attacks. So this limits the data I collect to make sure the formula is right.

Also I make changes to the reports and then wait for players to attack. I have had to ask a few players to help me in these cases.

Forum Harassment Rules
Some of this has co...

Mentor System
Written By: The Pornstar King on 09/01/18
I have been working on a Idea for a Help System for Newer Players.

Like a Mentor / Tutor

How it Works:
A New Playter or Old... Goes and Applies to get a mentor.
A Mentor accepts the Case.

Answers the original question that the Player Asks. Or greets the Player.

Both the Mentor and the Player remain Anonymous the whole time. The Player can not ask for or say their name. As well as the mentor.

I would b
e and will check on these randomly. The Mentor would be in a way and small player staff.
If a Player breaks the agreement. The mentor would then notify me by closing the Case and stating Name Violation.

This system would be for the Sole Purpose of teaching Players about the Game and Answering Questions.

What its NOT for:
Suggestions to join certain Studios
Scaring Off or Promoting other Games.

The reason f...

Age Verification
Written By: The Pornstar King on 08/24/18
Okay I have decided to add a few Age Verification in the Game.

There is one if you type the Website in the url with a 3 Month Cookie Expiration.

The other is on the Preferences Page.

You can not edit this Date after you type it in.

Some Features in the Game will Disappear until you Verify your Birthday.

I have also added a Privacy Policy to the Game.
You can view these in game or the Login Page.
In Game the Links are under Dirty Talk Drop Down and on the Game Rules Page....

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