The PornStar Wars

******Your First day and what to do.********

Your Objectives in Porn Star Wars

Increase Player Levels You will get more from training and be able to do more Gigs the higher level you become.

Increase Combat Stat Levels - Strength, Agility and Defense will allow you to fight higher level players and do tougher Bots.

Increase Intelligence and Job Skills - These 2 stats are only used to move up the job ladder here and get better jobs.

Make Money- Selling Condoms is the number one source of cash here for the beginning player.

Buy A House - Buying and upgrading your home again and again to help you get stronger and increase your chance at succeeding at doing Gigs is the number one thing you will spend cash on.

Make Friends - this will help you out greatly in the long run with the aid in finding rare recipes , making deals for cash,condoms and homes as well as joining a studio in the future.

DO BEGINNER BOTS -This will help you make experience, cash, condoms and items to sell early on.

***Being Bought as a slave***

If your a female you will probably be bought up as a slave within your first hour playing. Use this to your advantage. Use your new owner as your own personal help wiki. Ask him questions to help you get acclimated. If your owner wont answer simple questions then buy yourself back from him and ask someone else to buy you.

Condoms - You will start with a certain amount. Every 10 you use will give you a full energy refill. The first few weeks you should just sell them on the condom market for cash.

Do GIGs to find more condoms. (Under your Essentials Menu is the GIG option) Selling them is the easiest way to make cash in this game.

You will need the cash to buy a house to increase your Moral. Moral helps your success rate when burning your skill points doing gigs.

GIGS -You burn your skill points to gain some cash, maybe an item (drug ingredient or drug itself) and get experience and most importantly pick up Condoms this way. You will fail quite a bit in the beginning and be sent to jail. Your skill refills a certain % every 5 mins. (Better house increases your GIG Success chance)

Bathroom Searches -In the city of San Fancisco(starting City) and Scottsdale(Lev 50 city) there are Barthrooms in the lower right hand corner of your city menu in the Red Light District. You get 50 searches of the Bathroom each day and it reset each night at Midnight game time.

Items found searching the bathroom

Condoms- you will find condoms anywhere from 25-100 at a time searching. More in the higher level citys bathroom.

Drug Ingredients and Drugs- many times even high level drugs

Cash - anywhere from 25-50K at a time.

Moral Boosts- 20% to 50%

**But the dangers are, you can also get herpes, Hospital time or Thrown in Jail****

Get Free Condoms - At the bottom left hand corner of the city page are those words in bright yellow. They will take you to a page with links to vote at other websites that reset each night at midnight and give you free condoms for voting.

As of now you can collect 50 condoms a day for voting , and it takes less than a few min.

GYM Training - You come here and pick a combat stat and use your energy to train up that stat. Training up a few stats early on will help if you use combat and attacking other players as a means to gain experience and level.

Attacking other players - Takes 1/3 of your energy bar to attack another player. (Buy a weapon and Armor at one of The Shops in the Mall)

If successful you will be offered 4 options after combat.

1. Attack for Experience - just given an exp. payout to help you level.

2. Rob for Money - any money in there hand a certain % can be stolen and a small experience gain as well.

3. Rob Condoms - Target needs to have at least 10 condoms in there hand for this option to pop up and you will steal a % of them and given small exp. gain.

4. Drop individual - You Get nothing but Hospitalize the person for 2-4 hours. (Robbing and Attacking for exp. also Hospitalize but for 10-20 mins)

New Player Protections (These are in place for all new starting players.
- Can not be bought if they have not been active in the last 7 days
- Can not join a studio till they are 7 days old
- Can not create a studio till level 25
- Can not be attacked if less then level 3 OR 10 Days old (Very important to know, once you turn level 10 or 30 days make sure to bank your money or condoms or you will be attacked and robbed of them)

Here, you can be almost anything.
You might choose to be a rutheless pimp or an ass-shaking ho, a demanding master or a submissive slave, a respected hero or a reviled villain --- you can even be the head of a major porn studio!
The options at your disposal are limited only by your imagination ... and, maybe, your libido. ;)

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